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Corporate Wine Tasting Events

For corporate wine tasting  events the role of Wine Concept is to be a pleasant detail. I will help you to create a pleasant and  professional atmosphere for your clients, partners and colleagues. The formats can vary depending on the event: from a wine station tasting offer during a product launch or a conference to a sit-down tasting for a team building or a stand-up degustation during a kick off event.

I am happy to collaborate with the venue where your event will take place to plan a lunch/dinner matching wine or, why not, an after dinner whiskey tasting.

Each event is customised for the client I am dealing with. Therefore our goal is to understand your needs and expectations and fulfill them within your budget featured with Bottega 1900.

Client Networking

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It’s a great opportunity to catch up with your clients and partners to build relationships.

The format for this event can vary from the number of people to the location.
The goal is to drink well, share great moments to create new relationships with your customers and partners that goes beyond the usual context. In front of a glass of wine you always do great business!

Launching Event

After a long and demanding conference finding a good wine is always a pleasure.
We can arrange wine stations in different locations where Sommeliers are available for some wine talks or we can just select, source and deliver top quality wines for your event.

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Wine Tasting Team Building (In presence or online)

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Corporate Wine Tasting team building event is one of our most popular one.
Increasingly busy in our daily office lives, we don’t get the opportunity to chat with our colleagues.
What could be better than chatting with your colleagues and discovering new flavors, stories and anecdotes from the world of wine?
We can organize this wine tasting team building activity online or at your office so you don’t even have to move location, just enjoy the moment and we will take care of the rest.

Corporate Kick-Off Events

A new busy year is beginning and we need to get off to a good start!
Often one of the few events where the company is able to have all of its employees in the same location.
This can be a different activity to give to the employees in the late afternoon after a few days of meetings and conferences, a nice relaxed sit down wine tasting. Or we can source the wines for your premium event. The choice is yours!

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My Philosophy

When you manage a company that provides emotions and moments of fun, it is always difficult not to be involved in first person.
You check every little detail over and over again to make sure that everything will go well and that your guests are happy and enjoying every step.
My tasting is not a just a wine lesson but a journey through stories and flavors.

I will help you to recognise aspects of wine that you never thought about before and I will share with you my passion for wine. The wines you will taste with me are from the top producers around the world and having connections with all the importers and distributors in Australia, I can source pretty much any wine you desire. 

There is no need to be technical, nor to be super wine experts to attend these tastings: just be open and let go. 

It is a jovial moment that you can enjoy with your closest friend or with a customer or colleague with whom you have never had the opportunity to go beyond the usual business talk. And it is here that you often go further, between laughter and joy. 

In our events we are not always the center of attention. Sometimes the tasting and the wine selection can be like a beautiful background music that you don’t notice when it’s playing, but instead you feel the sudden emptiness when it stops playing. I will work with you in order to find the right balance and format for your special Corporate wine tasting events.

corporate wine tasting events corporate wine tasting events

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