The grape and its wines

Fiano is a white grape variety considered among the best in Italy. It is mainly grown in Campania, in the province of Avellino, but has also spread to Apulia and, recently, to Sicily. The name seems to derive from the name of a Ligurian population of the Apuan Alps that was overwhelmed by the Romans and migrated to Campania in the second century BC. 

In this exodus they seem to have brought with them the Apuan vine, later to become Apiano, then Af.iano and finally Fian.o. The vine has been documented since the 19th century not only in Irpinia but also in the province of Caserta, Apulia and Basilicata. Previously, it was certainly also widespread in the rest of Campania.

 It seems that the introduction of this grape in Apulia is due to Charles II of Anjou who, around the end of 1200, had 16,000 plants imported from Cava dei Tirreni to Manfredonia. It is probable, however, that it was also present on Apulian soil in earlier times.

It is a vigorous and fertile vine but characterised by low yields. It gives the best results when grown on volcanic soils, but can also express itself fully on clay and in heavy soil conditions. In Irpinia, it finds its best area, with excellent ripening, thanks to its cold winters and cool summers, with clear, sharp temperature swings. The best soils, volcanic and clayey, are between 400 and 700 metres above sea level. Fiano grapes ripens between September and October..



The Fiano wines obtained from this grape is characterised by refined and complex aromas. The marked acidity of the musts favours the production of long-lived and structured wines. Fermentation and ageing of this grape take place most often in steel, preceded by more or less long periods of maceration of the grapes on their skins.
The wine often undergoes a period of ageing in the bottle, even up to 12/14 months, to enhance its character and aromatic richness. The wine is distinguished by the finesse and richness of its fruity and floral aromas, with notes of pears and apples, peaches, medlars and citrus fruits, wisteria, pine nuts and freshly cut grass.


On the palate, this wine is velvety and warm, with good minerality and pleasant, marked acidity. The finish is satisfying, rich and persistent. The main wine made from Fian.o, either alone or blended with other Campania grapes, is Fian.o di Avellino DOCG, but it is also found in the Cilento DOC and Sannio DOC appellations…

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