Home Wine Tasting

The most straightforward of the services, I offer.
This wine tasting at home is suitable for a group of up to 20 people where we taste together the wines pre-selected, with the scents and organoleptic properties. Of course, the history, sometimes of the vineyard and sometimes of the producer, are add ons that make the wine world so magic.

Wine Tasting at Home ​

The tasting is complemented by a selection of high quality gourmet products such as the ones from Bottega 1900.

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wine tasting in home

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Private Dinner Wine Tasting

From here we start to combine the tasting with an event by customizing the service.
We can still keep the tasting as a pre-dinner or we can match the wine with the food. We can collaborate with the chef  in case the dinner is hold in a restaurant or a different location.
We can also finish the dinner with a whiskey tasting to close the night on a high note.


For this very special day, the details make all the difference. We often work closely with wedding planners and the bride and groom to accompany their guests in this fantastic and unique day.

From the entrance of the guests with a glass of bubble to break the ice to a first round during the buffet, coming to the central part with a pre-arranged wine matching with the meal and ending with a wine dessert to seal this long and wonderful day. Or I could just select and source the wine for you to be served along the day.,An experience as always designed with you to meet your expectations.

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corporate wine gifts

A great opportunity to wow your friends and spend some time together in a different context. With wine choices that run from Central Otago to Hunter Valley, from Barolo to Bordeaux, from South Africa to California, I can offer any wine you desire. I have worked with wines from all around the world during my carrier and my connections allow me to source all the top producers from any wine region.
It can be a simple wine tasting or a matching wine in a different location such as a restaurant or a venue of your choice. We can also organize some funny challenges like a blind tasting or a wine quiz just to keep it interesting!

Maximum flexibility on the location and type of event.

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My Philosophy

When you manage a company that provides emotions and moments of fun, it is always difficult not to be involved in first person.
You check every little detail over and over again to make sure that everything will go well and that your guests are happy and enjoying every step.
My tasting is not a just a wine lesson but a journey through stories and flavors.

I will help you to recognise aspects of wine that you never thought about before and I will share with you my passion for wine. The wines you will taste with me are from the top producers around the world and having connections with all the importers and distributors in Australia, I can source pretty much any wine you desire. 

There is no need to be technical, nor to be super wine experts to attend these tastings: just be open and let go. 

It is a jovial moment that you can enjoy with your closest friend or with a customer or colleague with whom you have never had the opportunity to go beyond the usual business talk. And it is here that you often go further, between laughter and joy. 

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