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A bridge from Italian true winemakers to Australia

"I like wines, good wines! I like healthy wines, I like true wines made by true people"

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As I said, I like wines, good wines! I like healthy wines, I like true wines.
I also like good people…
This is how I have chosen the producers I am bringing into Australia. For
few of them, was an encounter of faith. For others, crossing paths at the
right time.
I am telling stories of small producers, visionaries, hard workers who believe
in healthy vines and vineyards. All the wines you find in my portfolio are
made following principles of nature. Not because is a trend, but because is
the best way to cultivate and grow. We can use any kind of adjectives:
organic, biodynamic, certified, not certified, low intervention, natural… We
could discuss for hours. They are all well made, respecting motherland, the
territories where they are from and also the varietal. They are also clean,
classic and delicious.”

How I Create my Winemakers' List

In 2020 I visited many producers in Italy.
We landed in Milan and after renting a car we arrived in the province of Ragusa (Sicily), passing through more than 12 Italian regions.
A journey made up of stories of people, traditions, visits to wineries, olive groves and oil mills.
An adventure that allowed me to discover typical Italian flavours and scents.
Little great stories, which I decided to bring back home to Australia to make known the still undiscovered Italy made of traditions, biodiversity of the territory with a new technological approach that enhances its uniqueness and quality.

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The most beautiful Story

The most significant story is the Stefano’s Discovery of Action. We were in the middle of our trip to Sulmona in the province of L’Aquila to visit a pasta factory.

The meeting was the next morning. After a stroll through the streets of Sulmona’s old town, we dredged looking for a place to have dinner. I usually choose restaurants based on the wine list… this list was interesting. Once at dinner the waiter suggests a wine, a very good wine. I came to find out that the producer was the owner of the restaurant.
The next morning we arranged a meeting. Instant understanding, stratospheric wine, incredible story.   

Now it is here with us in Sydney in the Wine Concept selection. I forgot, we didn’t get the pasta, something took us to Sulmona to discover Stefano.

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