About The Wine Tastings

The tastings are not a just a wine lesson but a journey through stories and flavors.

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“I like wines, good wines! I like healthy wines, I like true wines.
I also like good people…
This is how I have chosen the producers I am bringing into Australia. For
few of them, was an encounter of faith. For others, crossing paths at the
right time.
I am telling stories of small producers, visionaries, hard workers who believe
in healthy vines and vineyards. All the wines you find in my portfolio are
made following principles of nature. Not because is a trend, but because is
the best way to cultivate and grow. We can use any kind of adjectives:
organic, biodynamic, certified, not certified, low intervention, natural… We
could discuss for hours. They are all well made, respecting motherland, the
territories where they are from and also the varietal. They are also clean,
classic and delicious.”

I will help you to recognise aspects of wine that you never thought about before and I will share with you my passion for wine. The wines you will taste with me are from the top producers around the world and having connections with all the importers and distributors in Australia, I can source pretty much any wine you desire. 

There is no need to be technical, nor to be super wine experts to attend these tastings: just be open and let go. 

It is a jovial moment that you can enjoy with your closest friend or with a customer or colleague with whom you have never had the opportunity to go beyond the usual business talk. And it is here that you often go further, between laughter and joy. 

In our events we are not always the center of attention. 

Sometimes the tasting and the wine selection can be like a beautiful background music that you don’t notice when it’s playing, but instead you feel the sudden emptiness when it stops playing. I will work with you in order to find the right balance and format for your special event.

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