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Every wine tasting is different, this is what my experience tells me. Our wine tasting events follow a pre-design setting and I have designed different formats so that we have a baseline to work from.
In saying that, each event is customised to the client and I work closely to the organizer prior the event in order to meet the expectations of my clients.

Tastings vary depending on the number of people (from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 100), the type of wine, the quantity of wines tasted and the client’s budget.

All the events are complemented by gourmet products from top-end retailers like Bottega 1900.

Often my clients say that the best part are the stories I tell… Sometimes I am asked about producers and their production methods. Other times we get lost in the innermost feelings. We perceive into the glass those scents of herbs and plants at the border of the vineyard, such as the wild fennel which is often found in some vineyards of Sicily (just to name one). I am lucky enough to recognize them just because I have lived them first hand when working in vineyards and visiting many wine regions around the world.

This is my wine tasting Sydney … It is something that can be discovered only by trying. 


My Philosophy

When you manage a company that provides emotions and moments of fun, it is always difficult not to be involved in first person.
You check every little detail over and over again to make sure that everything will go well and that your guests are happy and enjoying every step.
My tasting is not a just a wine lesson but a journey through stories and flavors.

I will help you to recognise aspects of wine that you never thought about before and I will share with you my passion for wine. The wines you will taste with me are from the top producers around the world and having connections with all the importers and distributors in Australia, I can source pretty much any wine you desire.

There is no need to be technical, nor to be super wine experts to attend these tastings: just be open and let go.

About Alice

About Alice

About Alice

About Alice

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It is a jovial moment that you can enjoy with your closest friend or with a customer or colleague with whom you have never had the opportunity to go beyond the usual business talk. And it is here that you often go further, between laughter and joy.

In our events we are not always the center of attention. Sometimes the tasting and the wine selection can be like a beautiful background music that you don’t notice when it’s playing, but instead you feel the sudden emptiness when it stops playing. I will work with you in order to find the right balance and format for your special event

About Alice

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wine tasting Sydney

About Alice

I was born in Vicenza, an area of Italy where wine is part of our culture and present in our
everyday life. After beginning my studies at the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS), I decided to move to Australia
to continue my education. Paving a career in hospitality was the next step in my journey and after reaching management levels in wine focused venues, my desire to learn more about wine increased.

I completed the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) course two and three, and thirst to learn more about wine was greater than ever so I reached out to Franck Moreau MS (Merivale) for a job and subsequently started working in some of Sydney’s most renowned venues as full time sommelier.

My wine career officially started, working on the floor as Sommelier at Mr Wong before
being promoted to head sommelier role at Uccello. In 2015 I sat the exam for the Court of Master Sommelier passing the introductory and certified level. Working on the floor helped me grow a lot, it guided me in what I needed to learn, but I needed to know more about the production of wine and to witness first hand what it took to create a
great wine.

wine tasting at home with lots of experience. wine tasting at home. wine tasting at home wine tasting at home . 

In 2016 I flew to Sicily to work for Azienda Agricola Cos winery for the 3 months long vintage. After this, I travelled around Piedmont, France and West Germany by myself in order to visit wine regions and understand more about each terroir.

I visited many wineries as I love to talk about wine and learn  from the producers every little secrets in order to make to end wines. Then in 2017 I flew back to Europe, Priorat (Spain) this time, to work at Terroir al Limit winery for 5 months.

After returning to Sydney in November 2017, I embarked on creating a service which focuses on private, in-home and corporate tastings and wine events in addition to consulting to develop wine lists for bars and restaurants. So Wine Concept was born. Wine Concept’s first project in 2018 was to create a brand new, world class list for a new opening in Sydney CBD called Bistecca, now one of the top restaurants in town, which is part of the Liquid and Larder Group. The list was recognised BEST NEW WINE LIST IN AUSTRALIA IN 2019. 

Right now, I am working as the wine director of the group to which another restaurant called The Gidley has been added. This new role gives me the opportunity to manage more context and customize my wine lists for my wide range of clientele.

Both the Gidley and Bistecca has been awarded with three glasses (highest achievement achievement) in 2020 and 2021 and THE BEST DIGESTIF LIST IN AUSTRALIA 2021. 

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wine tasting Sydney. wine tasting Sydney 

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